• Values

    Our Values
    1. Professional Excellency : Service that is provided exceeding the client‘s initial expectations
    2. Team Work: Union and devotion of each person, working towards a common end
    3. Integrity: To act responsibly according to ethical principles
    4. Acknowledgment : To value and recognize all the personnel‘s labor
    5. Order: To keep the office infrastructure organized and efficient
  • Company History

    CONDISA was founded in 1973 by the Architect José Luis Chasí Midence and from its beginning has carried out the planning, design and inspection for project of a different nature and scope.

    The prevailing values in the company are the same ones that have been applied since the company’s creation, under the leadership of Architect José Luis Chasí and Engineer Luis Chasí Prestinary, and is commited to the development of projects in architecture and engineering. CONDISA’s values are based on three pillars: the professionalism that is implemented on our consulting projects, the ethical standards that are employed by all the professionals who work at CONDISA, and the professional honesty that characterizes our business relationship with our costumers.

    CONDISA keeps as one of its most valued assets, since its creation, the continuous trust that our customers have shown our company, by turning to us for the development of their projects repeatedly throughout the years.

    CONDISA maintains a permanent concern for being on the cutting edge of the technology, equipment, quality control and coordination of the different services that we offer, in order to provide our customers with the best possible service, making this our primary objective. To achieve that, CONDISA has been part of a technological evolution during its more than 40 years of existence, and has traded the drawing boards and technical pens for the more sophisticated computers and printers.

  • Services we provide

    CONDISA, founded in 1973, is dedicated to consulting in Architecture and Engineering, specifically the planning, design and inspection processes in projects of a diverse nature and scope. Some examples are office buildings, banks, housing condominiums, hotels, higher learning institutions, hospitals and healthcare facilities, manufacturing facilities, workshops, etc.

    Recently we have also included Project Management in our services, carried out by specialists in the field.

    Our Services:

    1. Architecture
    2. Engineering
    3. Project Management
    4. Interior design
  • Associated Firms

    As part of the CONDISA group that has gathered throughout the years, we are associated with a series of best known firms and professionals, specialized in the various fields of engineering, firms that have been a part of our workforce throughout the years, in order to accomplish with the different projects that we have undertaken.

  • Our offices

    CONDISA’s headquarters are located at Plaza Roble Corporate Center (across the street from Multiplaza Escazú), Patio Building (Number 1), Third floor. Our offices are furnished with the latest in technology, and it is provided to our clients and staff.

    Our professional practice uses the latest in technical specifications using the CSI Masterformat, computer systems and computer drawing technology, that includes a network in place, a digital file archive, REVIT, ATOCAD and Arquitectural Desktop, backup systems, website, ftp, etc.

  • Our clients

    Public Sector
    1. Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
    2. Banco de Costa Rica
    3. Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje
    4. Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social
    5. Instituto Nacional de Seguros
    6. Hospital Nacional de Niños
    7. Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica
    8. Poder Judicial
    9. Contraloría General de la República
    Private Sector
    1. Mercado de Valores de Costa Rica
    2. Unilever de Centroamérica S.A.
    3. Empresas Funtanet
    4. Global Park
    5. Taller 3R
    6. Editorial Océano
    7. AETEC
    8. Liga Costarricense Contra el Cáncer
    9. Hotel Costa Vista Resort
    10. Villas Ocotalito GTE LTDA
    11. Cariari Country Club